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Founded in 1942, IAAP (formerly known as Professional Secretaries International) is the world’s leading Association of Executive Assistants and Administrative Professionals. Its goal has been to advance the secretarial profession, to provide and initiate opportunities for growth, and to promote the image of the secretary.

The Association of Secretaries in Asia [ASA] was founded in 1974 by the Philippine Association of Secretaries to provide an opportunity for secretaries in and around Asia to meet and share their knowledge and experience.

At the 13th ASA Congress held in September 2000, the Association’s name was changed to Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals in Asia Pacific [ASAPAP].
At present, the following Associations are member of ASAPAP and their date of registration

An ASA Congress is held once every 2 years and it is hosted by one of the member Associations on a rotation basis, according to seniority of their membership in ASA.

ASA Community

  • Philippine Association of Secretaries [February 1974]
  • The Women Secretaries Association of Thailand [February 1974]
  • Ikatan Sekretaries Indonesia [June 1974]
  • Hong Kong Association of Secretaries & Administrative Professionals Ltd [August 1974]
  • Singapore Association of Personal & Executive Secretaries [January 1974]
  • National Institute of Professional Secretaries, India [April 1974]
  • Malaysian Association of Professional Secretaries & Administrators [November 1975]
  • The Professional Secretaries Association of the Republic of China [May 1980]
  • Distinguished Secretaries’ Society of Pakistan [March 1982]
  • The Japan Secretaries Association [March 1982]
  • Sri Lanka Association of Administrative & Professional Secretaries [May 1990]
  • Brunei Society of Secretaries [1991]
  • Association of Administrative Professionals NZ [1997]
  • West New Britain Association of Secretaries Papua New Guinea [September 2000]
  • Professional Secretaries’ Welfare Association Bangladesh [September 2000]
  • Australian Institute of Office Professionals [September 2000]
  • Papua New Guinea Association of Administrative Professionals [September 2012]